Welcome to the home of Tang Lang Kung Jutsu.  

Firstly WE ARE NOT A TRADITIONAL ART in any way shape or form!!  

The Martial Art known as Tang Lang Kung Jutsu 
is a hybrid Art, which is a fusion of Traditional Chu'an Fa Kung Fu, Ju-Jitsu, Kobu-Jutsu and Atemi-Jutsu.

This has been developed by Gary Henshaw utilising his 25+ years of Martial Arts experience as this Art is a drawing together of techniques from all of the constituent Arts.

This fusion creates a truly unique Martial Art combining many great techniques to help with self defence (soft skills eg awareness, hard skills eg physical principals and techniques and the law) to help raise self confidence, and fitness levels.

We teach on Tuesdays at the Bells Lane Community Centre in Aspley from 7:00pm and run through until 9pm, and we accept anyone ages 10 and above.  (However anyone under the age of 18 will require their parent or guardian to attend)

The club is taught in a friendly manner, with an emphasis on personal respect, whilst still keeping things positive and lighthearted.  We don't take ourselves too seriously, yet ensure we deliver a high quality of tuition, both on physical technique, and also provide our students with the theory too, as this is pivotal in creating fully rounded martial artists.

Cobra Martial Arts Association - CMAA

We are members of the Cobra Martial Arts Association, and our instructors are either fully trained to CMAA Martial Arts Instructor UK LVL 1 or are training to achieve this.  (Gary Henshaw is a certified Lvl 1 Trainer to deliver the MAI UK instructor course for anyone within CMAA who wishes to undertake this.  

We follow all procedures as laid down by Cobra Martial Arts Association including the CMAA Children and Vulnerable Adult Safeguarding policy which can be downloaded here.

Below are some photographs from previous lessons.  As you can see, we cover a wide range of techniques and drills and have a very diverse range of members.

Tang Lang Kung Jutsu in the News!

When we opened at Beechdale,  we were featured in the Nottingham Evening Post newspaper twice. and recently Gary was interviewed by Lucci Del-Gaudio for the Martial Arts Guardian online-magazine about Tang Lang Kung Jutsu.

These articles can be viewed here:

Article One - The launch of Tang Lang Kung Jutsu at the New Venue in Beechdale

Article Two - Sport Sword comes to Nottingham  

Article Three - So its Kung Jutsu Then....  Martial Arts Guardian (March 2017 Issue)

Four years old!

On March the 5th 2017, the Tang Lang Kung Jutsu Federation celebrated its Fourth anniversary!  We have seen many sights, from Kata to Kubatons, from Fishtail blocks to crescent kicks, its been amazing.     

Happy Birthday Tang Lang Kung Jutsu!!

Not for profit

The Tang Lang Kung Jutsu Federation is a not for profit organisation.  All of our instructors dedicate their time to the art, and to teaching for free.  Any profits that the club makes are turned back into it to allow us to purchase and update our equipment, to pay for our yearly running costs, such as insurance, and for courses and our end of year students Christmas party and presentation.

 For more information, please do not hesitate to send me a message via the Contact Us page or call myself on 0844 884 5889.


Thank you for visiting!

Gary Henshaw - Chief Instructor. 

Proud to be part of The Cobra Martial Arts Association (CMAA)

The Tang Lang Kung Jutsu Federation is registered and ratified by the Cobra Martial Arts Association.