Gary Henshaw

Born in 1983, Gary originally started training with his Mum, Sue, under the tutelage of Si Fu Phillip Barnes.  They joined the Kwoon as Gary was being bullied at school.  
Within the first few weeks, Gary learnt the skills to keep him safe from physical attack, but preferred not to hit back.  This in the Art of Chu’an Fa is not necessarily a bad thing as the Art allows you to redirect the opponents strike and weight to allow you to defend without the need to strike.

Six weeks after Sue and Gary starting training, Gary’s Dad and Sue’s husband Mick also joined the Kwoon.

Over the coming years, the Henshaw family trained heavily under the tutelage of Phillip Barnes. In 1995, Gary and Sue graded and earned the grade of 1st Duan black sash, a documented world first of a mother and son simultaneously grading to 1st Duan.

Since those early days in the 1990’s Mick, Sue and Gary travelled across the UK, training under and alongside various Masters and Instructors including:

  • Andrew Morrell (CMAA President)
  • Steven Hallam (CMAA Trainer)
  • Sam "White Tiger" Wood (White Tiger Kickboxing)
  • Hanshi Phil Milner (IBA)
  • Shihan Josh Johnson (IBA)
  • Shihan Dave Allen (ZMA and IBA)
  • Master Dave Turton (ASMAA SDF)
  • Professor Rick Clarke
  • Shihan Daniel Blanchet
  • Sensei Robert Surgey (Barmy Bob) (IBA)
  • Sensei Andy Phillips (IBA)
  • Sensei Les Phillips (IBA)
  • Sensei Ken Hillyard
  • Geoff Thompson
  • Peter Consterdine

In 1997 Sue and Mick took over the running of the Lung Kwoon as Si Fu Phillip Barnes moved to Leeds as his employer relocated him.

Around the same time, Sue stepped away from Martial Arts due to health reasons. Gary and Mick began travelling to visit other clubs regularly and to take an active part within the International Budo Association (IBA) and the Zanshin Martial Arts Association (ZMA).

On the 11th of November 1998 Gary and Mick attended a seminar in London held by Professor Rick Clarke, 8th Dan and founder of Ao Denkou Kai Jitsu. This introduced them to the arts of Atemi Ju-Jitsu and vital points. This four hour seminar changed the way Gary and his father looked at Martial Arts forever and is a defining moment in the evolution of Tang Lang Kung Jutsu.

Following that faithful day Gary and Mick began training heavily in Ju-Jitsu, Atemi-Jutsu and Kobu-Jutsu with Phillip Barnes under the tutelage of Phil Milner of the International Budo Association.

Gary Henshaw and his family have held Martial Arts and Self Defence clubs at the following locations:

  • The Beechdale Community Centre, Nottingham
  • The Redhill Scout hut, Redhill, Arnold, Nottingham
  • The Bells Lane Community Centre, Nottingham
  • The Vine Community Centre, Nottingham
  • The Hall of Martial Arts, Nottingham
  • The Cocked Hat public house, Nottingham
  • The Wollaton Grange Scout Hut, Nottingham
  • The Wollaton Grange manor house, Nottingham
  • The Temple Centre, Nottingham
  • The Bells Lane Community Centre, Nottingham (Again!)
  • The Aspley Training and Community Centre, Nottingham

Gary holds black belt ranks in : Chu’an Fa Kung Fu, Japanese Ju Jitsu, Atemi-Jutsu and Kobu-Jutsu

He has also trained in Judo, Systema, Hojo-Jutsu and submission wrestling, and regularly helps at other Instructors martial arts clubs where his son Ryan trains in kickboxing.  

Gary currently holds the following qualifications:

  • BTEC Lvl 3 Advanced Self Defence and Breakaway instructor with NFPS
  • Advanced Child and Vulnerable Adult Safeguarding Trainer with STC.
  • MAI UK Lvl 1 Course Trainer with the CMAA - Click here for details
  • MAI UK Lvl 1 Instructor with the CMAA
  • Self Defence Instructor with the CMAA
  • Senior Instructor with Self Defence UK (SDUK)
  • Level One Sport Sword Coach for the NSWA (National Sport Weapons Association)
  • Level Two EFAW Emergency First Aid at Work / First Aid for Sport Qualification (renewed April 2016)
  • Level One Pressure Point Instructor with Anthony Pillage
  • KEWAP Instructor (renewed April 2016)
  • Enhanced DBS certificate holder (renewed March 2015)