KEWAP - The Knives and Edged Weapons Awareness Program

KEWAP is an award winning program, designed to educate people on the dangers of carrying knives, and also give them some basic, easy skills to enable them to safely escape, no "Jason Bourne-esque" moves, no aerial matrix style acrobatics, just simple basic techniques to help you to stay alive.

On Sunday the 27th of April 2014, Gary Henshaw attended and completed the KEWAP Instructors Course,  Then on 1st May 2016 he renewed and as did friend of the club Samantha Wood, of White Tiger Kickboxing)

There are two variants of the course, an adults and an under 18s course.  The course covers the law around knives and carrying them, simple awareness, and then skills and techniques to give you more tools to safely escape a knife encounter.

The course takes around an hour for under 18s and around an hour and a half for adults, and can be delivered in any school, place of work. gym, or at the Bells Lane Community Centre in Nottingham.

If you are interested in KEWAP training, please get in touch for a price and availability.