Sport Sword is a completely safe weapons based version of "points sparring" using a specially designed safety sword.  Competitors score points based upon strikes landed to various areas of the body, all with different points values.  

Here is a short Sport Sword introduction video, to give you a better idea of Sport Sword, and some photographs from our recent introduction course for the British Chu'an Fa Association, Nottingham and the Tiger Ninja Karate Club, from Askern, Doncaster 

Competitors all wear protective equipment to protect their heads and eyes, and are only allowed to use official Sport Sword safety swords, made by ActionFLEX, as these have integral safety features designed to protect competitors, which many other safety weapons do not have.

The photograph above was taken during the "drill work" from our recent Sport Sword course.  This photo highlights just how flexible these swords are and how much impact they dissipate from their target.  It is only because of how safe this is, that we are able to offer this sport to anyone, any age, any sex.  This is as a safe as any weapons based Martial Arts activity, or indeed any Martial Arts activity can get.

We are currently organising four week Sport Sword courses over the East Midlands.  These cover everything from the basic strikes and blocks, competition rules, cardio drills, and scoring strategies, and even finish with a small in house competition to see who really can unleash their inner Samurai!  

Anyone interested in participating in Sport Sword can either come along to The Tang Lang Kwoon in Bilborough on a Monday (Sport Sword is a regular exercise in our classes) where you can either join our classes, or we can discuss ways that we can hold one of these course's for you and/or your Club/Association.

 We are also planning to form a "Fight Squad", for a group of us to attend national Sport Sword tournaments "en-mass" and hopefully come away with some good accolades to our names.  We are aiming to have this up and running for next season to allow everyone plenty of time to practice and get on top of their game.

The founders of the National Sport Weapon Association - Andy Crittenden, Colin Beddow and Rick Burns, with Gary Henshaw upon his completion of the Level One Sport Sword Coaching Course.