Open to all - Ages ten and up. 

First FOUR lessons are FREE!!!

"Ok, I'd like to give it a try, what do I do now?"


Just turn up and have a chat with us!  Initially, we recommend everyone to wear a plain T shirt, and jogging bottoms, do not wear anything expensive, as Martial Arts are a physical sport, and clothing can become a victim! 

Also recommended is a soft drink, as you may need it!  Anyone under the age of 16 will require the presence of their parent or guardian at the first lesson.  This is so that they can fill in all of the relevant application forms and details that we are required to keep in the event of an emergency. 

After four weeks, we would expect that you know if you like it or not, and If you wish to continue, at this stage all students are required to purchase a membership pack.

This is priced at just £40.00 for anyone between the ages of 10 years old and 15 years old, and just £55.00 for anyone who is 16 years old and over. 

This contains:

  • An Official Tang Lang Kung Jutsu Uniform Embroidered With Our Badge
  • A White Belt
  • Martial Arts Licence
  • Member to member liability insurance
  • The official Tang Lang Kung Jutsu Student Information folder, containing over 60 pages of the styles information from its history and Evolution, through to fully comprehensive syllabi including a visual index of all the techniques taught in Tang Lang Kung Jutsu

We require this to be purchased at the end of week four to ensure all Students have the benefit of Member to Member Liability Insurance during training sessions.  If this is not purchased by the end of week four, we cannot continue to teach you in week five.

Once you have purchased a Membership Pack, you will be allowed to train fully in The Art of Tang Lang Kung Jutsu, as we do not allow "Non Members" to spar or to take part in heavy or forceful grappling exercises such as Randori or groundwrestling.


 The Tuition of Tang Lang Kung Jutsu

Tang Lang Kung-Jutsu tuition is separated into three separate areas; these are best described by the Japanese terms of Kihon, Kumite, and Kata.


Kihon means fundamentals.  This relates to the individual techniques themselves, the stances, the strikes, the blocks, the kicks.  These can be performed free standing, or against training pads.

Kihon ensures the foundations of good technique are taught from the start, and upheld throughout the Students martial arts life.


Kumite means grappling hands.  This relates to partner work, such as escapes from locks and grabs, and defences from attacks, and can also include Randori (Chaos taking)(free grappling) and sparring.  In the Kumite section, a lot of the work is of the students own duress and thoughts, and allows them to learn and experiment what works and what doesn’t, in a controlled environment.  As the student begins, this is slow, and reflects the level of the student, but as they progress, this becomes faster and more intricate, and even includes more than one attacker, and weapons at the higher stages.   


Kata means form.  This relates to the set patterns of techniques that have been in the parent systems for many hundreds of years, which contains lessons to be learnt down the Martial Artists career.  We have two sections in our Kata, Forms and Choy Tu.  In the Forms section there are 3, forms in total: Chu’an Ma, Chu’an Lui, and Lung Huen. Choy Tu, are a series of set throws and defences from strikes, which involve blocking and immobilising an opponent. 

Gradings - 8th Kup to 4th Kup (Yellow to Purple)

The gradings for 8th Kup to 4th Kup (Yellow to Purple Belt) are assessed using a method of modular assessment during normal lessons every six months. We have found this method to work well in negating any stress or worry in students caused by being watched and performing in front of everyone.  

During the normal lessons we look for the student to be able to perform the techniques to a level of skill, adequate to their age and ability, unaided or coerced.

Then when the student has demonstrated that they can remember and perform the technique correctly, without hesitation, this technique or module is then marked as completed. When the student has completed all of the techniques in the syllabus for the grade being assessed, the grade and belt will then be awarded. 

Grading Assessments will be made throughout the grading month, with grades awarded at the last lesson of the 

Gradings - 3rd Kup to 1st Kup (1st Brown to 3rd Brown)

The gradings for 3rd Kup (Brown Belt) and above are assessed during a traditional style grading. 

This takes place during a set time and date, and the entire focus is on the Grading of the Student, and the quality of their skills on display. 

This is for two reasons, firstly that to objectively and fairly grade for Brown Belt and above, it requires more dedicated time, and secondly, gives the student a time and date to enable them to revise, and work up to.

Gradings - All Black Belt Ranks

Black Belt Gradings - Due to the nature of Black Belt ranks and the respect and admiration that go with it, all Duan gradings are assessed during a traditional style grading. We will also utilise additional instructors and students from other clubs and arts, which allows us to mix up the partners that you will be working with. This negates any familiarity, and allows the student to fully showcase the quality of skill, knowledge and technique that they will be required to demonstrate. This ensures the high standards of a Black Belt are upheld, and means that only knowledgeable and technically capable people achieve these ranks.


 Legal Obligations

In order for anyone to teach a Martial Art, you must abide the following legal obligations:

  1. A recognised qualification in The Arts that you intend to teach
  2. A current and valid, enhanced CRB check (Now called a DBS Check)
  3. Instructors Indemnity Insurance
  4. Students Insurance cover - usually member to member 3rd party cover.

This is the full legal compliance required to teach a Martial Art within the United Kingdom and is current UK Law.  Anyone found to be teaching a Martial Art without these safeguards are doing so illegally.  The Tang Lang Kung Jutsu Federation is fully compliant with these legalities, and will willingly show you these documents, on request at the Kwoon at any time.

 What does it cost?

£30.00 per person per month

What is included?

  1. All lesson fees are included;
    Tuesdays (7:00-9:00) with ourselves, and
    Wednesdays and Thursdays (6:30 - 8:30) with the Chu'an Fa Association. 
  2. Membership to the Cobra Martial Arts Association, which includes students Insurance cover - (member to member 3rd party cover)
  3. All gradings and assesments are also included. 
The only thing additionally you may need to purchase is sparring equipment / PPE and training weapons which are available at low cost through ourselves.

This monthly payment is set up via our secure payment partner - GoCardless, which automatically takes the monthly payment on the 1st of every month.  When set up, it allows you to log in and cancel the payment yourself should you decide to leave, with no fines etc, and it also keeps both you and the club informed of when payments are due, keeping you up to date!